Its benefits are countless

Cold winter days, which is one of the indispensable food source molasses

Cold winter days, which is one of the indispensable food source molasses, which is produced in different ways across Turkey , due to the minerals and vitamins rich in content is at the breakfast table in the corner of the head .
So far, many proverbs, idioms and rhymes that are the subject of molasses, daily calcium, iron , potassium and magnesium, while meeting the needs of growing children , especially pregnant women and plays an important role in nutrition .
'' Pear with a handle , grape waste , with molasses by the cube '','' Like Molasses goods get '','' Cube in the molasses, the molasses not enough for us , our village girls davulsuz bride does not go away '','' Dolaptapek not lick lick endless '' , '' Kavut adds to the olanpekmez mind, like so many rhymes with '' the amount of advice , proverbs and idioms do not geçenpek in the name of different fruit produced around Anatolia , especially on cold winter days are consumed to cold .
Ankara University Faculty of Engineering Department of Food Engineering Professor at the Faculty . Dr. . Nevzat Now , AA correspondent, said in a statement , rapidly enters the bloodstream which molasses '' emergency '' energy needs required for a food item that stated, 2 tablespoons molasses (20 grams ) , the human body are invaluable to 2 milligrams of iron, 80 milligrams of calcium and 58 kcal energy , he said .
Molasses growing children , workers, athletes, pregnant women and nursing mothers is a unique food items Prof expression. Dr. . Now , 200 grams, 1,150 grams of molasses to milk in terms of calories , 300 grams of bread , 390 grams is equivalent to meat , he said.
Prof. Dr. . Now , molasses in the digestive tract into the bloodstream without the need for fragmentation by providing information, as can be , '' Therefore, especially in children and athletes with high energy activity molasses provision of energy is of great importance . Raisins and molasses contains iron which , being easily absorbed and 35 percent of daily iron needs can be met by this product ,'' he said .