Source of healing molasses

Blood constructive features, stomach, intestines and kidneys acting on intelligence, develops, organizes blood ...

Grape, fig or mulberry sweet fruit produced by boiling crushed , Anatolian , dense and sweet syrup made ​​from grapes that area so sweet molasses , made ​​from mulberry area is a little bitter .
Dark molasses color and consistency , giving the estimated during the process of boiling sugar caramelized in the queue is getting dark and dark is consistency . The important point is that once heated to boiling molasses . According to Milliyet , must be decrease from boils again, instead of this decrease must be filled . Otherwise , molasses quality deteriorates. The mixture starts to boil begins to spread the smell does not vepek consistency has come . However, at lower temperatures in vacuum is produced in light-colored syrup and the "sweet juicy syrup, " it said. " Günbal " called the molasses in the large container of grape juice under the sun, is obtained by evaporating the water .
Juicy sweet molasses yeast was added, and the air impregnated by "solid molasses " obtained ediliyor.pekmez the nutritional values ​​vary depending on the fruit used , but due to carbohydrate content ( 1.276 kJ / 305 kcal) is a good source of energy . B1, B2 to contain various minerals and vitamins are known as useful drugs . Easily without the need of the digestive system into the blood because there are blood-forming property .